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Do you remember the poster with the image of a soldier, shovel in hand, standing in a swamp, surrounded by a group of ill-tempered alligators? Below the picture is the caption “When you’re up to your behind in alligators, it is difficult to remember the original mission was to drain the swamp!” Don't Tick Off The Gators! Managing Problems Before Problems Manage You  is the guide people need to help fend off the gators when stuck in the swamp.

Don't Tick Off the Gators!Using humor, Don’t Tick Off The Gators! includes 23 chapters, each with a case study and advice addressing issues in both the character’s and reader’s life. The final chapter recaps the 32 lessons, applicable in both personal and business situations, conveyed throughout the book.


Jim Grigsby faced problems similar to events depicted in this book; some are the basis for case studies. Throughout his career, he worked with trying people, worked for extremely demanding, micromanaging, and in some cases unethical bosses, and managed 51 employees in a multi-department environment. Experience taught him the importance of identifying the core issue and working to solve the problem.

Jim escaped gator-filled swamps many times! While surrounded by gators, he maintained his sense of humor, learned valuable lessons, and preserved his sanity. Success and failure taught him the 32 lessons portrayed in this book.

An Economics and Mathematics major at Western Michigan University, Jim is the owner of Jim Grigsby Consulting, a healthcare revenue cycle and management consulting company.  He previously held various management and business development positions in healthcare  financial management. He is editor of the  Florida Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA)Jim Grigsby  Chapter newsletter Sunspots and a former national officer in the American Association of Healthcare Management (AAHAM).

As a Certified Patient Accounts Manager and Certified Document Imaging Architech, Jim has authored dozens of articles in the healthcare realm; including the AAHAM’s 1991 National Editor’s Award winning, “Financial Counseling And The Chemical Dependency Patient”. He is a highly sought national speaker on healthcare revenue cycle management, healthcare technology, professional certification, and business process disaster recovery programs. 

Jim has enjoyed public speaking since he was 14 years old when he participated in the Optimists International Speech Contest. Although he didn’t win the contest, public speaking continues to be a large part of his professional life. 

Connie Merritt, RN, PHN, author of Finding Love Again 

"A wonderfully light, but insightful, touch on a heavy subject. Plus, the unique approach to handling problem "gators" rings with integrity and creative thinking."

Vince Poscente, Peak Performance Strategist and Olympian, author of The Ant and The Elephant

"A fresh approach! Great advice and a fun read."

Kenny Chumbley, B.A., M.A, minister, author, counselor   

"It is with great pleasure that I recommend this work by my lifelong friend, Jim Grigsby. Jim has spent the bulk of his professional life closely observing the stresses and strains inherent in the American workplace. Out of this has come a point of view that neither minimizes nor underestimates the nature of the problems with which people wrestle, or the ability of people to solve their problems. It is this latter issue that he primarily addresses in Don’t Tick Off The Gators! With great insight and humor, he offers advice that not only will help you take on any problem you face, but will enable to retain your sanity in the process. Jim is a capablewriter whose advice willbenefit you, if taken to heart. I thoroughly enjoyed his book. I am confident you will also."

Cherie Kerr, author/teacher, ExecuProv    

"I so wish there were more people like [Jim Grigsby] in the world! You obviously have a wonderful sense of humor and are also on a mission to help people lighten up."

Hobe Sound Chamber of Commerce

"Taking excerpts from his book, he helped us each visualize the 'Gators' that plague us and provided ways we can manage them without turning the little 'Gators' into bigger 'Gators'".


Jim Grigsby wants to help you escape the gators in your life and is available to present Don’t Tick Off The Gators! Managing Problems Before Problems Manage You to groups and businesses.  

A 60 minute presentation customized for your group will provide an engaging, humorous slant on the scenarios and lessons in Don’t Tick Off The Gators! Managing Problems Before Problems Manage You. Attendees will learn how to apply the book’s lessons in their business or personal life. 

Don’t Tick Off The Gators! Managing Problems Before Problems Manage You is for anyone who faces gators every day:

  • Business and Professional Associations
  • Educational and Coaching Associations
  • Business Conventions
  • Employers – large, medium, and small
  • Schools – from Junior High through MBA programs
  • Youth Groups
  • Church Groups
  • Civic Organizations
  • Libraries

"We came away with a better understanding of how we often let the little problems turn into 'monsters' and with some helpful solutions to prevent that from happening. Jim Grigsby is a great guest speaker that we hope to invite back in the near future." Hobe Sound Chamber of Commerce

Email presentations@jimgrigsbybooks.com to learn more about Don’t Tick Off The Gators! Managing Problems Before Problems Manage You presentations and how you can qualify for a bulk discount on books for your attendees.

Send questions or comments to Jim Grigsby at jim@jimgrigsbybooks.com.

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